Enjoy Long Lasting Lash Curls

Simplify Your Beauty Routine with an Eyelash Lift from Magnolia Med Spa and IV Therapy.

Wake Up with Beautiful Lashes For Up To 8 Weeks

Introducing our $60 lash lift, the perfect solution for effortlessly curled lashes. Achieve natural, beautifully curled lashes with our eyelash lift service at Magnolia Med Spa and IV Therapy. Our guests adore the convenience of waking up every morning with flawless curls that last for up to eight weeks. Treat yourself to this quick and delightful pick-me-up today.

Why Choose a Lash Lift?

  • Take a break from lash extensions
  • Enjoy longer, fuller lashes without the need for daily mascara
  • Swim worry-free during the summer without concern for lash extensions
  • Enhance the appearance of your eyes and eyelashes without committing to lash extensions
  • Explore an alternative to lash extensions in case of adverse reactions or allergies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lash lift?

Lash lifts offer a straightforward solution for enhancing your lashes semi-permanently. If you’re tired of the daily mascara routine, a lash lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to curl your natural eyelashes, creating the illusion of longer and fuller lashes.

How long does a lash lift last?

Typically, the duration of lash lifts ranges from 6 to 8 weeks on average, although this time frame may vary based on several factors, including proper maintenance. Ensuring the use of oil-free makeup remover and refraining from rubbing or sleeping with your face against a pillow during sleep are crucial practices to remember.

Are lash lifts good or bad for your lashes?

Contrary to conventional lash extensions or false lashes, a keratin lash lift procedure does not require the attachment of any additional elements to the natural lashes. Consequently, the possibility of damage or breakage to the lashes during the operation is minimal.

How much does lash lift cost?

Magnolia offers our lash lift service priced at $60. Experience the benefits of our affordable $60 lash lift, providing you with impeccably curled lashes.

What does a lash lift do?

A lash lift is a procedure that mimics a perm for your lashes, resulting in eye-catching outcomes by enhancing the natural curl and lift of your lashes.

Free Consultation

To learn more about our lash lift, we welcome you to arrange a complimentary consultation with Magnolia Med Spa & IV Therapy. Our team of professionals will offer thorough insights on the procedure and the advantages it provides.